Strategic Plan 2024–28

Our vision

More homes, faster | Building a better future

Our purpose

Drive the creation of more homes and responsive services through an integrated housing system

Our guiding principles

  • Integrity

    Our behaviours match our words and our decisions are transparent

  • Partnership

    We work across boundaries to deliver our priorities with our stakeholders

  • Recognition

    We honour the unique cultural strengths, values and priorities of First Nations peoples and their rights to self-determination

  • Leadership

    We make evidence-based decisions and take responsibility for our actions

  • Innovation

    We are agile and encourage new ways of working

  • Inclusion

    We are kind, will listen, embrace diversity and engage all


More homes

Deliver well-designed housing solutions through planning, building and partnerships

Strategies we’re undertaking to achieve this objective

  • Deliver more homes, faster
  • Support community housing sector capacity and capability
  • Encourage investment in the private housing market
  • Provide incentives for more new homes in areas with established infrastructure where there is greatest demand
  • Reform legislation and develop new housing design standards to maximise supply potential
  • Strengthen the building and construction industry
  • Unlock land supply and streamline planning for faster and more diverse housing and development where it’s needed
  • Lead a tradies and apprenticeships employment program to support a strong industry and strengthen QBuild

Key performance indicators

  • Number of social housing homes
    Measure: Number of new social housing dwellings delivered
  • Average wait time for government managed social rental housing for clients in very high or high need
    Measure: Average wait time to allocation for assistance (months) with government-owned and managed social rental housing for clients in very high or high need
  • Percentage of successful QBuild apprentice completions
    Measure: Percentage of successful QBuild apprentice completions
More services

Support Queenslanders to achieve improved housing outcomes

Strategies we’re undertaking to achieve this objective

Key performance indicators

  • Proportion of new households assisted to access the private rental market
    Measure: Proportion of total new households assisted to access rental accommodation who moved into the private rental market
  • Number of people assisted by specialist homelessness services
    Measure: Number of people assisted by specialist homelessness services
  • First Nations peoples’ access to housing and homelessness services
    Measure: A specific measure that aligns to the KPI will be determined as part of Our Place: A First Nations Housing and Homelessness Action Plan 2024-27
Greater resilience

Strengthen resilience where people want to live, work and play

Strategies we’re undertaking to achieve this objective

  • Support sustainable building practices and improve resilience in Queensland homes
  • Planning for growth and improved resilience in our cities, towns and regions
  • Promote effective and sustainable local governments
  • Participate in whole-of-government disaster recovery and resilience efforts to help communities bounce back sooner
  • Invest in rebuilding QBuild into a modern and sustainable business that supports our liveable communities
  • Lead sustainable, contemporary, innovative and well-designed building solutions for government
  • Provide fit-for-purpose property solutions to support the delivery of government services for Queenslanders

Key performance indicators

  • Satisfaction of local governments with department’s services
    Measure: Level of satisfaction of local governments (Mayors and CEOs) with the effectiveness, timeliness and quality of advice, services and support provided by the department
  • Satisfaction with accessibility transparency of the requirements of the planning system
    Measure: Level of stakeholder satisfaction with accessibility and transparency of the requirements of the planning system
  • Percentage of government-owned employee housing in an acceptable condition
    Measure: Percentage of government-owned employee housing with an acceptable facility condition index rating
Connected department

Integrate our business and empower our people

Strategies we’re undertaking to achieve this objective

  • Harness collaboration, innovation, and leadership in our workplace to drive engagement and outcomes
  • Create respectful and safe workplaces through a diverse, culturally capable, responsive and compassionate workforce
  • Adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct and ethical business practices in everything we do
  • Improve service standards through a human rights culture
  • Listen to and respect First Nations voices, leadership and lived experience through truth telling to inform decision-making
  • Optimise our systems and processes and ensure our information is secure, protected and trusted.

Key performance indicators

  • Working for Queensland survey results
    • Social Support: Workgroup respect and psychological safety
    • Continuous improvement
    • First Nations responses: My colleagues actively embed the perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in their work
  • Equity and diversity data
    • First Nations
    • Women in leadership
    • People who speak a language other than English at home
    • People with disability

Our values

  • Customers first

  • Ideas into action

  • Unleash potential

  • Empower people

  • Be courageous

  • Healthy and safe workplace

Read more about the Queensland Government public service values.

Opportunities we leverage to deliver our vision

  • Be a future-ready organisation with a culture of empowering and skilling its workforce and leading with transparency
  • Integrate all aspects of our new department with our vision in mind
  • Collaborate with our customers, partners and stakeholders across all tiers of government, community and private sectors to do more, invest more and achieve more
  • Use rich data, research and stakeholder insights to optimise service delivery and enhance outcomes for communities
  • Adopt new digital capability to transform our services, improve the way we do business and boost productivity

Strategic risks we manage

  • Our people – ensure the health and wellbeing of our people and the right capabilities to deliver our ambitious work program
  • Supply chains – strengthen and diversify the supply chains we rely upon if we are to rapidly respond to the housing crisis
  • Changing demands – understand our changing demographics, migration patterns and economic pressures to ensure our services are responsive, especially in our regions
  • Climate resilience – ensure we’re prepared for the impact of greater climate variability, frequency of extreme weather events and the drive for emissions reduction
  • Cyber security – enhance our cyber resilience by safeguarding our infrastructure, empowering our people and protecting our clients against a dynamic and evolving cyber threat landscape.

Our contribution to Queensland Government’s objectives for the community

  • Good jobs

    Good, secure jobs in our traditional and emerging industries

  • Better services

    Deliver even better services right across Queensland

  • Great lifestyle

    Protect and enhance our Queensland lifestyle as we grow

Our contribution to Queensland Government sub-objectives for the community

  • Backing our frontline services
  • Backing small business
  • Building Queensland
  • Connecting Queensland
  • Growing our regions
  • Honouring and embracing our rich and ancient cultural history
  • Investing in skills
  • Making it for Queensland
  • Supporting jobs

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the Traditional Owners and custodians of the land. We recognise their connection to land, sea, waterways and community, and pay our respects to their cultures and Elders past and present.

Our commitment to human rights

We respect, protect and promote human rights, and are committed to meeting our obligations under the Human Rights Act 2019.

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