Community Housing Providers

Maximising new State Budget and Action Plan opportunities

We are working with QShelter, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Housing Queensland and the Community Housing Industry Association (Qld) to engage with Community Housing Providers (CHPs), including Indigenous Community Housing Organisations. Together, we will ensure you are able to maximise use of the 2021-22 State budget measures and Housing and Homelessness Action Plan 2021-2025 to encourage a vibrant and sustainable community housing sector and increase supply of social and affordable housing across the state.

You will be able to hear more from us about these opportunities at The QShelter CEO and Senior Leaders Forum on 22 June 2021. This will be followed by regular engagement, including webinars, for us to explore how to maximise opportunities for CHPs collectively, regionally, and individually. We welcome suggestions on the type of engagement that will be most useful to you.

The Queensland Community Housing Steering Committee has been formed with senior representatives from the Queensland Government, QShelter, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Housing Queensland and the Community Housing Industry Association (Qld). Through this standing committee we will drive improvements under the Housing and Homelessness Action Plan 2021-2025 (PDF, 3466.73 KB) over the next 4 years. This will include engaging other government agencies and experts to achieve real change and jointly address challenges.

Program policy and legal agreement improvements

CHPs have engaged with us and identified the changes needed to program policies and legal agreements. These suggestions have directly informed improvements designed to increase certainty and flexibility and promote growth of social and affordable housing.

We're now working together to bring these improvements to you in time to maximise the State Budget and Action Plan opportunities, including:

  • a single, modernised master legal agreement that will make doing business with government simpler and more certain
  • increased certainty of cashflow through new program policy settings, including longer lease terms
  • greater certainty for CHPs, government, financiers and potential third-party investors to enable CHPs to borrow funds and attract investment partners
  • reduced costs of property insurance for dwellings leased from the department.

New policy and program settings and the master legal agreement will be available in 2021.

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Queensland Housing Investment Growth Initiative

Spot purchases and construction

We’re continuing our strong partnership with the community housing sector by increasing the supply of social housing across Queensland.

We will be seeking Expressions of Interest from Registered CHPs for:

  • delivery of new capital grant funded projects quickly under QuickStarts Qld
  • spot purchase of existing dwellings in targeted areas of need, with financial contributions from the CHP and the State, to be owned and managed by the CHP and used to provide immediate housing solutions for people in need
  • priority projects on land owned or controlled by CHPs and where there are no barriers to immediate contracting with the State
  • pipeline projects available for forward delivery over 4-5 years.

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Help to Home

We will soon be seeking Expressions of Interest from eligible property owners, developers, registered CHPs and commercial entities to help house Queenslanders in need.

The Help to Home initiative aims to identify homes that can be headleased by the Queensland Government to house vulnerable Queenslanders who need extra support finding a place to rent. A headlease arrangement means that the Queensland Government rents a property from the landlord or owner and then on-lets the property to vulnerable people in housing need.

We are looking for single and multiple unit dwellings and/or houses which may be new to market or that have not previously been available through the private residential market.

We’ll coordinate longer-term leases on suitable properties which will be managed through supportive tenancy management, by the state or by CHPs, to ensure tenants are supported to sustain their tenancies while we work with them to plan their longer-term housing future.

We aim to headlease 1,000 properties over a period of 2 years while additional housing can be identified or built. Targeted locations for these properties, along with more detailed information about the requirements will be available soon.

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