Our vision and values

Our vision

An agile and sustainable social and affordable housing and homelessness system.

Our values

  • Partnership

    We work across boundaries to deliver housing priorities with our stakeholders

  • Innovation

    We are agile and encourage new ways of working

  • Responsive

    We treat our customers with respect and empathy

  • Inclusion

    We will listen, embrace diversity, and engage all

  • Leadership

    We make evidence-based decisions and take responsibility for our actions

  • Integrity

    Our behaviours match our words and our decisions are transparent

Our governance framework

Our governance framework draws together the key principles that drive our department’s performance, while enabling oversight of accountabilities.

It creates a shared understanding of how our values and principles support our roles and responsibilities in meeting accountability requirements and achieving outcomes. It helps us enhance trust in our actions by being transparent, responsible and responsive to change. Simply put, it’s the way we organise ourselves internally.

Our governance framework communicates how we:

  • meet our strategic objectives
  • allocate resources appropriately
  • maximise the efficient and effective delivery of services.

Our governance model consists of interrelated concepts including 6 elements guiding our governance mechanisms and practices:

  • leadership and structure
  • ethical behaviour
  • responsive service delivery
  • risk management
  • performance management
  • resource management.

Our framework assists the Director-General meet the requirements of the Financial Accountability Act 2009, the Financial and Performance Management Standard 2009, the Public Sector Ethics Act 1992 and other legislative and accountability requirements.

We are committed to good governance, Queensland public sector values with the additional value of ensuring a safe work environment, and the Public Service Code of Conduct.

Our professional standards and practice

We are committed to high standards of professional conduct, and honest and ethical business practices. We also have a zero tolerance approach towards fraud and corruption and expect an ethical standard of conduct from the people and entities we interact with.

You can read our Fraud and Corruption Control Policy (PDF, 178.27 KB) for more information.