Executive leadership

Mark Cridland

Bachelor of Commerce

Mark Cridland joined the Department of Housing in May 2023 and continues in this role for the Department of Housing, Local Government, Planning and Public Works.  He is a highly experienced senior executive with over 30 years of proven leadership experience in large and complex government and private sector organisations.

Mark’s passion and commitment to public service is driven through his view, based on real-world experience at the centre of government, that we can play a fundamental role in creating positive influence and outcomes for all Queenslanders.

Prior to this role, Mark was the Director-General in the Department of Resources (2022–2023) and the Associate Director-General of the Cabinet Office in the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (2021–2022). In this role, Mark was responsible for leading policy, intergovernmental relations, cabinet and parliamentary services, and the reform and delivery teams, and for providing high-level strategic policy advice to the Premier and Cabinet.

Mark also held the role of Deputy Director-General (Policy) in the Queensland Department of the Premier and Cabinet (2018–2021), responsible for providing strategic leadership on economic, social and environment policy and intergovernmental relations.

Mark has also held senior roles in the private sector at KPMG Australia and in the senior executive service for the Queensland and New South Wales governments.

Sarah Amos
Deputy Director-General, Social and Affordable Housing Growth

Bachelor of Economics
Bachelor of Arts
Graduate Certificate of International and Developmental Economics

Sarah is an experienced senior executive and public policy advisor with diverse professional experience built across more than 20 years working in and for governments across multiple jurisdictions.

Sarah leads the Social and Affordable Housing Growth division of the department, which includes the delivery of QuickStarts Qld and the $2 billion Housing Investment Fund.

Sarah was formerly the Head of Commercial in Queensland Treasury and was responsible for overseeing Treasury’s role in significant commercial and strategic transactions, including partnering with the private sector and advising on the state’s infrastructure investment to support the future needs of Queenslanders.

Sarah’s prior experience includes over a decade in consulting and several years at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and the former Australian Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources in Canberra.

Angela Masson
Deputy Director-General, Housing and Homelessness Services

Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Justice
Graduate Diploma Legal Practice
Graduate Certificate Policy Analysis
Graduate Certificate Public Sector Management
Graduate & Member – Australian Institute of Company Directors
ANZOG – Toward Strategic Leadership Graduate

Angela is an experienced senior executive with a strong background in leadership within regulatory bodies and a proven track record in driving strategic outcomes.

Angela is committed to enhancing operational frontline services that ensure effective delivery of housing and homelessness solutions across Queensland, as well as bringing a wealth of experience and dedication in service delivery to advance the welfare of our community.

Her career highlights include spearheading transformative programs that improve service accessibility and quality, navigating complex regulatory landscapes, leading large scale commercial ventures and fostering collaborative partnerships across sectors.

Angela is passionate about leveraging innovative solutions to address homelessness and the multiple service delivery models delivered by the department.

Angela’s leadership ethos is rooted in integrity, inclusivity, connectivity and a steadfast commitment to social equity.

Danielle McAllister
Deputy Director-General, Policy, Performance and First Nations

Bachelor of Arts (Drama)
Bachelor of Education (Drama and English)
Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Management

Danielle brings executive experience across the public sector, including working on complex portfolios that require an agile and contemporary way of thinking.

Early in her career, Danielle worked as a teacher. She then moved on to several roles leading education policy, intergovernmental relations, state schools operations and the development of the COVID-19 state schools operating guidelines.

Danielle joined the Department of the Premier and Cabinet in 2020 during COVID-19. She provided economic policy advice to the Premier and Queensland Cabinet and established COVID-19 business support grants to assist people in need.

Danielle’s policy and budget experience spans Treasury, State Development, Infrastructure, Planning, Local Government, Transport and Main Roads, Energy, Public Works, Procurement, Education, Industrial Relations, Training and Skills, Small Business, Employment, Tourism, Innovation, Regional Development, Manufacturing and Sport.

Most recently, Danielle was the Deputy Director-General of the Lands Division and Registrar of Titles in the Department of Resources. There, she led over 740 staff across 30 different statewide locations to optimise the use of land resources to support economic growth and better outcomes for Queensland.

Graham Atkins
Deputy Director-General, Public Works

Graham has vast experience in the building and construction industry, spanning a number of decades. Graham has contributed to the Executive Leadership Team in his role as Deputy Director-General since joining the department in July 2011.

In this role, Graham has led the state’s primary building and construction service provider to deliver major projects, building maintenance and facility management services for client agencies and departments.

With offices across Queensland, including regional and remote communities, he has been strongly focused on developing an agile, flexible workforce while driving a ‘customers first’ culture. In addition, Graham has worked collaboratively with industry stakeholders to deliver on key legislative reforms for the building industry.

Graham has held senior executive positions within other government departments, including Deputy Director-General of the Department of Education and Training, where he was responsible for infrastructure planning and delivery.

Tess Pickering
Deputy Director-General, Planning

Bachelor of Regional and Town Planning (Hons)
Bachelor of Laws

Tess is a proud planner, having worked on projects like the Queensland Planning Act 2016, the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2017 and Victoria’s new Precinct Structure Planning Guidelines 2021.

In Victoria, Tess has been responsible for maintaining a pipeline of 15 years’ supply of zoned land for new communities across Melbourne.

Tess also led the introduction of new standards for greenfields planning that focused on creating walkable, 20-minute neighbourhoods with greener and cooler streets, and more diverse housing.

Joshua Hannan
Deputy Director-General, Local Government

Bachelor of Business (Organisational Communication)
Bachelor of Arts (Media/Journalism)
Master of Business Administration

Josh has more than 20 years’ experience in the Queensland public sector and is especially passionate about delivering for regional communities.

Josh has a comprehensive and contemporary understanding of the strategic issues facing governments and has expertise in areas of infrastructure planning and delivery, local government relations and strategic policy.

As General Manager, Transport Strategy and Planning at Transport and Main Roads, Josh forged strong relationships with local governments across Queensland.

Josh’s experience engaging with the local government sector through the Roads Alliance provides him with a deep appreciation of the challenges faced by councils, particularly with sustainability, which is the department’s Local Government Division’s key priority.

Josh leads the division, working hard to find meaningful solutions to the complex problem and make a real difference to long-term sustainability.

Matthew Nye
Deputy Director-General, Corporate Services

Bachelor of Business (Public Relations)
Master of Business (Professional Accounting)

Matthew has nearly 30 years of experience in the Queensland Public Service, working in corporate services, shared services and service delivery roles.

Matthew is responsible for strategic policy and legislation, and all corporate functions of the department, including finance, human resources, communications and governance.

Matthew has extensive experience and skills in business strategy, service delivery, planning and project delivery to lead organisations through transformational change.

Matthew has held senior leadership roles as Deputy Director-General, Strategy and Corporate Services at the former Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy and the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors; General Manager at Smart Service Queensland; and Executive Director, Finance Services at Queensland Shared Services. ​​