Disaster management

Our role

Under the State disaster management plan (PDF, 2.4MB), we have been assigned the primary and pivotal functional support role for:

  • building and engineering services
  • building recovery

We provide these services to support state departments and local government groups to undertake disaster response, relief and recovery operations. Find out more about how it works in our Disaster management plan (PDF, 287KB).

What we offer

Response, reconstruction and recovery

Under the Queensland disaster relief and recovery guidelines, we lead and coordinate the reconstruction and recovery of buildings.

We’re involved in disaster planning activities and response operations, working closely with:

  • Queensland Fire and Emergency services
  • other departments and agencies
  • local governments
  • industry and commercial sectors.

We provide expert advice and help on:

  • all-hazard disaster mitigation
  • response, relief and recovery strategies and policies for built infrastructure
  • departmental activities and operations.