Rental law reform

Rental law reform in Queensland

In 2018, we received over 137,000 responses through the Open Doors to Renting Reform consultation program. Queenslanders shared their rental experiences and ideas about how renting in Queensland can be improved.

We released A Better Renting Future Reform Roadmap in 2019 outlining a 2-staged reform process in response to the consultation.

In 2019, we received over 15,200 responses providing feedback on detailed reform options outlined in the Stage 1 Rental Law Reform Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement. This feedback provided us with valuable suggestions to ensure Queensland’s rental laws support renters, rental property owners and managers.

Stage 1 Rental Law Reform

In 2022, The Housing Legislation Amendment Act 2021 (HLA Act) amended the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 to progress Stage 1 of Queensland’s rental law reform.

The amendments delivered rental law reforms to improve safety, security and certainty for the Queensland rental market and:

  • ended without grounds evictions, providing more certainty about how and when a tenancy can end
  • strengthened protections for renters against retaliatory actions, such as eviction and rent increases, if they try to enforce their rights
  • set minimum housing standards to ensure rental properties in Queensland are safe, secure and functional
  • made it easier for renters to have a pet
  • gave renters experiencing domestic and family violence the right to end their interest in a tenancy with limited liability for end of lease costs.

Read more about the commencement of these reforms.

Stage 2 Rental Law Reform

The Stage 2 Rental Law Reform Options Paper (PDF, 843.23 KB) was released for public consultation from 18 April to 29 May 2023. We asked Queensland renters, rental property owners and managers, and all Queenslanders to have their say on 5 key legislative reform priorities, including:

  • installing modifications
  • making personalisation changes
  • balancing privacy and access
  • improving the rental bond process
  • fairer fees and charges.

Submissions on the Stage 2 Rental Law Reform Options Paper have now closed. We are analysing the results.

We received submissions from property owners, renters, property managers and the community.

We will consider all feedback, alongside independent economic and regulatory analysis to inform further policy directions..

Read more about the Stage 2 Rental Law Reform.

Limiting the frequency of rent increases

From 1 July 2023 Queensland’s rental laws limit rent increases to once a year for all new and existing tenancies. The Queensland Government took this action to help to stabilise rents in the residential rental market in response to rental affordability and cost of living pressures. This limit applies for the duration of a tenancy and if at least 1 renter remains in the same rental property when a new agreement is made.

We released a discussion paper to seek feedback on a potential reform to attach the rent increase frequency limit to the rental property rather than the tenancy.

Queenslanders were asked to have their say on the potential reform from 12 July to 11 August 2023.

Submissions have now closed and we are analysing the responses. Feedback will inform future policy decisions made by the Queensland Government.

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