Bundaberg East Levee

The Bundaberg East Levee is a major investment in the flood resilience of Bundaberg and the economic prosperity of the region.

The concept design for the Bundaberg East Levee consists of approximately 1.7km of levee near the Burnett River’s southern bank with flood gates, flood doors and pump stations.

Concept design for the Bundaberg East Levee

The levee is intended to:

  • Increase protection from a Burnett River flood within Bundaberg East, Bundaberg South, and the city centre
  • create a resilient community that can recover faster from major flood events
  • provide benefits for many people throughout the Bundaberg community.

The project will also create local jobs and business opportunities during construction.

The Bundaberg East Levee Project is jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland Governments and is supported by the Bundaberg Regional Council.

Read more about the location and design of the levee.

About levees

A levee is an artificial, raised embankment or structure built to:

  • reduce the flow of water onto land
  • protect parts of the floodplain from flooding, including properties, homes and businesses.

Levees can significantly reduce damage and allow communities to return to normal activity sooner after a flood event.

Levees are built to protect property, not people. Emergency planning and evacuation are still essential to protect communities.

Flood protection

The January 2013, flood caused by ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald was the highest Bundaberg flood on record.

The levee will better protect Bundaberg East, Bundaberg South, and the city centre during a Burnett River flood event equal to the 2013 flood.

These images show flood water inundation in January 2013, and how the levee would reduce flooding during a similar event.

Modelling indicates that the levee location will have little impact on Burnett River flood levels, including in Bundaberg North.

Map showing computer-generated flood water across parts of Bundaberg North, East, South and CBD
Peak flood depths during the 2013 flood.
Map showing computer-generated flood water across Bundaberg North, but no water behind the levee wall in Bundaberg East, South and CBD.
Peak flood depths if a 2013-like flood occurred again, with a levee in place.

What happens next?

Engineering consultants SMEC with CDM Smith were appointed in March 2024. They will conduct a comprehensive review of the design work done to date and make updates where necessary to progress the levee’s final alignment and design.

Community feedback

We held community information sessions about the levee in Bundaberg during April 2024. You will have more opportunities to have your say throughout the design and construction stages.

The next opportunity will be during the planning process.

Find out more

To stay informed about this project and future community consultations, email BundabergEastLevee@epw.qld.gov.au with ‘Subscribe’ in the subject line.

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