Support Queensland renters


  • $160 million Renters Relief Package to tackle the cost of living
  • Consultation to introduce a rental sector code of conduct
  • Ban on all forms of rent bidding
  • Portable bond scheme to cut the up-front cost of moving house

As Queensland changes, so too does our housing system. More people are renting – and for longer than ever before.

  • October 2021
    Rental reform that puts people first

  • April–May 2023
    Consultation on Stage 2 rental law reforms

  • July 2023
    Rent increases limited to once a year

  • July–August 2023
    Consultation to ensure annual rent increase limit is effective

  • August 2023
    Move by National Cabinet to strengthen renters’ rights across Australia

Renters deserve a safe and secure place to call home and make their own. In a tight rental market, it’s more important than ever to support renters to find a rental home and afford to keep it.

Today, Queenslanders who’ve never needed help with renting are reaching out for assistance or moving too far from their jobs, schools and families.

The Queensland Government is supporting renters with reforms to improve the experience of renting, as well as products and services to help renters who are struggling.

We have built a team of frontline staff to provide practical support, and provided around $85 million to help 78,000 Queenslanders with private market assistance products and services including bond loans and rental grants, RentConnect services and rental security subsidy payments.

We’ve overhauled rental laws to protect renters’ rights. Now we’ll take that further with consultation on a new rental sector code of conduct, a ban on all forms of rent bidding and a portable bond scheme to reduce moving costs when changing tenancies.

Additionally, we’re implementing a boosted Renters Relief Package to help Queenslanders find, get and keep a secure home in the private rental market.

See our rental track record in this timeline.

What we're doing

Expanded eligibility for our private rental products

As part of the Renters Relief Package, we have expanded eligibility for our private rental products, including Bond Loans and Rental Grants to help customers find and apply for a place to rent, move into a rental, and keep their place if they’re having difficulties.

We can help to pay bond and rent, cover moving costs and help customers to afford household items.

Find out more and check your eligibility.

What's to come

Modernising the housing legislative framework

We will continue to modernise the housing legislative framework to improve consumer protections in the rental market, residential parks, retirement villages and residential services, while ensuring that it’s still viable for investors and operators to provide these housing options.

A renters relief package

We will deliver a comprehensive $160 million Renters Relief Package to help tackle the cost of living with more funding, expanded eligibility and new ways to help renters into a home. The package will give more households immediate cost-of-living support while we build new homes, including help to pay bonds and rent. We are also doubling our specialist customer service team at Housing Service Centres around Queensland, with more than 40 new RentConnect officers to assist renters at every stage of their housing journey.

We’ve expanded eligibility to deliver more support for more Queenslanders, including:

  • bond loans – interest and fee-free bond loans for renters
  • bond loans plus – a loan to cover both the rental bond and 2 weeks rent
  • rental grants – a one-off grant of 2 weeks rent to support people in crisis
  • rental security subsidy – a payment that can help people stay in their home.

Portable bonds

Pressure in the rental market means a lot of people are having to move around more often to find a home they can afford. We are reducing the costs of moving by introducing legislation to establish a portable bond scheme that allows renters to transfer their bond when relocating from one rental property to another.

Strengthening renters’ rights

On 21 March 2024, the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation and Other Legislation Bill 2024 was introduced to Parliament. The Bill will strengthen renters’ rights by:

  • banning all forms of rent bidding
  • creating a framework for parties to agree on installing modifications in rental properties
  • protecting renters’ privacy by requiring 48 hours notice for entries other than general inspections, safety checks and in emergencies
  • developing a prescribed form for rental applications
  • limiting re-letting costs based on the time remaining on a fixed-term lease
  • giving renters a fee-free option to pay rent and choice about how to apply for a rental property.

Consultation on a rental sector code of conduct

We must do more to strengthen the rules and clarify the expectations of all parties in the rental sector. The government will consult on a rental sector code of conduct to strengthen these rules and protect all parties.