Youth Foyer experience sets up Sebri’s success

4 March 2021 8:48AM

Sebri says that his achievements are due to his hard work, persistence, and the valuable skills he learnt while living at the Logan Youth Foyer.

“The best thing about the Logan Youth Foyer is the tenancy and career pathway. Building the fundamentals is what sets you up to be a good tenant and gives you the confidence and courage to find jobs and go for interviews,” Sebri says.

The support from the youth workers provided encouragement and accountability for Sebri to put in the hard work to reach his goals.

Sebri says “It’s thanks to the youth workers, they give you guidance.”

“Whenever I’ve needed something the youth workers were there for me, but it’s not a giveaway, you have to do your part and work hard.”

All his persistence and hard work paid off when Sebri landed a job with AFL Queensland.

“I work as a Multicultural and Diversity Officer and I travel around South-East Queensland working with new upcoming Australians, providing basic knowledge of AFL rules, how to throw, kick and catch.”

“It’s a great job and provides lots of movement and keeps me busy.”

Devising a plan combined with the earn and learn approach helped Sebri to consider his pathway and work towards his goals.

“It feels really good to earn your own money and get paid for your hard work. When I got my first job it was a dream come true.”

“Earning money and having a plan makes you think about your goals and your future, so you know what you have to do and how to make the right choices.”

Sebri was living at the Logan Youth Foyer for just over 4 years before moving into a private rental with his girlfriend in November last year. He eventually wants to buy his own home.

“At the Logan Youth Foyer you learn how to pay rent and how to save money,” he says.

“I’ve learnt a lot from my experience here and I’ve become a better version of myself.”

Sebri’s advice to residents staying at the Logan Youth Foyer is to engage with the workers and be prepared to do the work to get to where you want to go.

“You should use your time here wisely, ask questions, earn some money and work, work, work.”

Sebri isn’t the only one in his family that has benefited from the experience at the Logan Youth Foyer.

“I’ve had 2 siblings that have lived in the Logan Youth Foyer and have moved on and are doing well in life. My sister just graduated with a university degree in accounting and my brother is a manager at Australia Post.”

“My siblings and I are all somewhere in life, that if we’re lucky we’ll be successful.”