Housing and support for older women

Older women are the fastest growing group of people experiencing homelessness in Australia.

Many face greater financial insecurity from the high cost of housing, home ownership and reduced incomes. This can result in homelessness, particularly if they need to rely on income support as a single person.

We consulted with community and support organisations, advocacy groups and older women who have been homeless, to develop a range of services to help those experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness.

A housing and support hub

The housing and support hub, based in Brisbane, will connect women to housing, homelessness, renting, health, and financial support services.

The hub will support women with local and placed-based services, including:

  • a welcoming place to access housing support to prevent them from becoming homeless
  • face-to-face, online and outreach support
  • volunteer support from people who have been homeless
  • telephone information and advice
  • community awareness and advocacy
  • information and referrals to other support services.

We will also consider options for how similar services can be provided for women to receive early intervention and support in their own communities.

Advisory group

An advisory group has been created to guide the development and implementation of these and other services.

The group includes older women who have experienced homelessness, members of the Housing Older Women and Sharing with Friends groups, and QShelter – Queensland’s housing and homelessness peak body.

The group will:

  • identify and prioritise key issues for older women
  • develop support programs
  • work to improve housing outcomes.

We will also work with other Queensland Government agencies, and local government, to create more housing options for older women through better planning, design and construction of homes.